Tuesday 18 October 2016

Makeup Tutorial for Mature Women

Before and after

Hi my name is Maz, I'm 53 and live in the outback of Australia. Over  the years my makeup requirements have changed, from wearing it everyday when I was younger and working full time, to hardly any at all while raising my 4 children, and to now at 53 wearing 50+ sunscreen everyday as necessity of the harsh climate I live in, and maybe a bit of BB cream if going to town (I love the Garnier in medium have tried many brands this is my favourite). I mainly wear makeup if going to a function or special occasion, and love seeing the difference the right makeup can make. I love all my wrinkles and lines they are who I am, and I have earned every single one,  but there is nothing wrong with wanting to put your best face forward, and looking as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

I have never spent a lot of money on skincare or makeup and don't go to the beautician (have had 2 facials I my whole life) not because I didn't want to, but the cost (having 4 children away at boarding school they were always the priority) and isolation were the main factors. I usually purchased products from chemist or supermarket.(can see another blog post about this)

After noticing my usual foundation really wasn't doing anything, and wasn't getting the fresh dewy finish I was looking for (the joys of getting older and menapause ) I popped into the  cosmetic counter at Myers and got some expert advice, on a recent trip to Dubbo.  I told the consultant my requirements that I don't wear makeup everyday, but when I did I wanted full dewy coverage that lasted and would also even my skin tone. Her recommendation was "Estée Lauder" perfectionist youth-infusing Serum makeup in 3C2 Pebble , $70 shit!! Have never spent that much on a foundation in my life,(my usual foundation was Loreal Lumi Magiqe $30) but thought I'm not wearing everyday so will last, (trouble is it looks so good when you have it on you want to wear it everday). I also purchased a lip gloss their Pure Colour Envy 170 Poten Petal $40  love this colour and it stays on for hours. 

Now the other item that was pricy but was worth it is "Smash Box Primer " this stuff is fantastic, my daughter uses it, and one day I sneaked into her room and tried it, this stuff evens the skin and fills in your pores not totally but enough that you notice, its $53  I have tried a lot of primers and this is my favourite.

Ok so now onto the tutorial, I have taken photos in order of how I apply my makeup, ok here we go..God I hope you think I look better in the after than the before.
Hi, this is my skin cleansed and moisturized ready to apply the makeup
This is after I applied the Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer. I have tried quite a few primers and this is far the best I have used.
I dot the foundation on these areas of my face and use a makeup brush to apply, love using a brush gives
great even coverage but don't get one that's too soft must be firm I purchased mine from Priceline,(just ask consultant they are only too happy to help) apply concealer now if needed I always place some on the tip of my nose as is red from removal of sun cancers.
Next eye shadow, I purchased  this colour palate was from local chemist was not expensive, its totally up to you I brought it because of mixtures of colours, has some gold shimmery ones which would be great for a night function, I love the natural tones. I cover the complete lid in the light cream as this gives a neutral base.
I then use the lightest brown and cover the bottom of the lid and to the outer side
Next I use the shimmery light brown and add it to the area closest to the nose and work out to the centre
Now its up to you how dark you want to go next,  but I used the darkest brown from the centre bottom, and worked up to the centre crease, and out to the side, I also depending if I want a bit more dramatic eye like I have for this tutorial will run a little under the bottom lashes from the outside corner not much but makes the world of difference.
Next I apply my blush, I use a cream blush as you want to continue with the dewy complexion a little on the cheek and then I don't know if this is normal but I brush lightly over the eye area just to blend the colours together. I know all the Makeup artist are most probably having a hear attack but that just what I do.
Then after that its "Brow Time", look I'm not an expert with this but I know you can by all types of kits, I just get mine waxed and tinted when I can and use  an in-expensive brow pencil and fill in the gaps. Then I use a black eye liner pencil and place some from the centre to the outer lid, and only if you want to I run some on the inside of the bottom lid really makes your eyes pop
Then all that's left is some mascara and lippy, I use a lip liner in a shade a little darker then apply my gloss
Ta Ta there you have it, god I hope you think I look better than when I started.
Here are the items I used, and a few of my favourite products
Before and After.
           So there you have it I hope you have found this post helpful and it has given you some useful information, on what makeup I have found that works for me. I would love your comments and feed back if you found this post useful and informative, as I had a lot of fun putting it together for you, and you know my favourite say "Sharing is Caring".

  Also this is a totally independent post I have not been paid in anyway shape of form to promote any of these products within this blog post.

Thanks Maz   xxxxxxx