Tuesday 18 October 2016

Makeup Tutorial for Mature Women

Before and after

Hi my name is Maz, I'm 53 and live in the outback of Australia. Over  the years my makeup requirements have changed, from wearing it everyday when I was younger and working full time, to hardly any at all while raising my 4 children, and to now at 53 wearing 50+ sunscreen everyday as necessity of the harsh climate I live in, and maybe a bit of BB cream if going to town (I love the Garnier in medium have tried many brands this is my favourite). I mainly wear makeup if going to a function or special occasion, and love seeing the difference the right makeup can make. I love all my wrinkles and lines they are who I am, and I have earned every single one,  but there is nothing wrong with wanting to put your best face forward, and looking as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

I have never spent a lot of money on skincare or makeup and don't go to the beautician (have had 2 facials I my whole life) not because I didn't want to, but the cost (having 4 children away at boarding school they were always the priority) and isolation were the main factors. I usually purchased products from chemist or supermarket.(can see another blog post about this)

After noticing my usual foundation really wasn't doing anything, and wasn't getting the fresh dewy finish I was looking for (the joys of getting older and menapause ) I popped into the  cosmetic counter at Myers and got some expert advice, on a recent trip to Dubbo.  I told the consultant my requirements that I don't wear makeup everyday, but when I did I wanted full dewy coverage that lasted and would also even my skin tone. Her recommendation was "Estée Lauder" perfectionist youth-infusing Serum makeup in 3C2 Pebble , $70 shit!! Have never spent that much on a foundation in my life,(my usual foundation was Loreal Lumi Magiqe $30) but thought I'm not wearing everyday so will last, (trouble is it looks so good when you have it on you want to wear it everday). I also purchased a lip gloss their Pure Colour Envy 170 Poten Petal $40  love this colour and it stays on for hours. 

Now the other item that was pricy but was worth it is "Smash Box Primer " this stuff is fantastic, my daughter uses it, and one day I sneaked into her room and tried it, this stuff evens the skin and fills in your pores not totally but enough that you notice, its $53  I have tried a lot of primers and this is my favourite.

Ok so now onto the tutorial, I have taken photos in order of how I apply my makeup, ok here we go..God I hope you think I look better in the after than the before.
Hi, this is my skin cleansed and moisturized ready to apply the makeup
This is after I applied the Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer. I have tried quite a few primers and this is far the best I have used.
I dot the foundation on these areas of my face and use a makeup brush to apply, love using a brush gives
great even coverage but don't get one that's too soft must be firm I purchased mine from Priceline,(just ask consultant they are only too happy to help) apply concealer now if needed I always place some on the tip of my nose as is red from removal of sun cancers.
Next eye shadow, I purchased  this colour palate was from local chemist was not expensive, its totally up to you I brought it because of mixtures of colours, has some gold shimmery ones which would be great for a night function, I love the natural tones. I cover the complete lid in the light cream as this gives a neutral base.
I then use the lightest brown and cover the bottom of the lid and to the outer side
Next I use the shimmery light brown and add it to the area closest to the nose and work out to the centre
Now its up to you how dark you want to go next,  but I used the darkest brown from the centre bottom, and worked up to the centre crease, and out to the side, I also depending if I want a bit more dramatic eye like I have for this tutorial will run a little under the bottom lashes from the outside corner not much but makes the world of difference.
Next I apply my blush, I use a cream blush as you want to continue with the dewy complexion a little on the cheek and then I don't know if this is normal but I brush lightly over the eye area just to blend the colours together. I know all the Makeup artist are most probably having a hear attack but that just what I do.
Then after that its "Brow Time", look I'm not an expert with this but I know you can by all types of kits, I just get mine waxed and tinted when I can and use  an in-expensive brow pencil and fill in the gaps. Then I use a black eye liner pencil and place some from the centre to the outer lid, and only if you want to I run some on the inside of the bottom lid really makes your eyes pop
Then all that's left is some mascara and lippy, I use a lip liner in a shade a little darker then apply my gloss
Ta Ta there you have it, god I hope you think I look better than when I started.
Here are the items I used, and a few of my favourite products
Before and After.
           So there you have it I hope you have found this post helpful and it has given you some useful information, on what makeup I have found that works for me. I would love your comments and feed back if you found this post useful and informative, as I had a lot of fun putting it together for you, and you know my favourite say "Sharing is Caring".

  Also this is a totally independent post I have not been paid in anyway shape of form to promote any of these products within this blog post.

Thanks Maz   xxxxxxx

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Curried Sausages

Here is the recipe for Curried Sausages, it's my mums recipie I make it in my slow cooker as it can simmer away all day and the flavours develop a lot fuller. I double the quantity as its used for lunches for the next couple of days.

1 kg packet thin sausages 
4-5 carrots diced
1 large onion chopped
1 cup frozen peas carrots 
3 tablespoons "Keens " traditional curry powder
Corn flour to thicken 
Salt & pepper  to taste

Brown the sausages then chop into desired portions,  then add to slow cooker or large pot, add carrots onion and cover the ingredients with water add the curry powder salt and pepper. Give a good stir you can add other veggies as well if you want potatoe or sweet potatoe. Simmer in slow cooker for 4 -6 hours or if  in pot untill carrots have softened add frozen peas and corn about 10min before finished. Make a paste with water and corn flour, about 1/4 cup water with 3 tablespoons of cornflour if to runny just add a little more cornflour. 
Serve with rice or mashed potatoe which is my family's favourite. 
Hope you get the chance to make them and they become a family favourite like ours 


Wednesday 3 August 2016

DIY Dressing Room on a Budget

Will here is the long awaited post of my new Dressing Room.

 I was so overwhelmed and stressed every time
 I put my clothes away, hubby and I shared a small walk-in robe and it was always a bloody mess there's no other way to describe it.  Also as mention in other posts I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my clothes, I cant part with anything I love them all, so when I was researching on how I was going to fix my wardrobe dilemma everything I read said cull, cull, cull, I tried with no success I filled one garbage bag.

So then one day walked into my 4th bedroom which was my sewing/craft room and could hardly move through it, if someone couldn't find a place for something it went in the sewing room. So I took one look and thought I don't need all this room I could configure it and  move sewing/craft component around the corner and its an L shaped room and I could turn the rest into my own personal "Dressing Room". Below is the before shot, this is after I had cleaned it a little.

This was my sewing room, I had actually cleaned it a bit before
this was taken, you couldn't even walk through it.

I have put a sign on the door to ward off unwanted visitors,
I have three daughters  and quite a lot of my things go missing.
So first things first, I had to sort a lot of things out I had stored for years in the cupboards, I still had many of my late mothers items which I hadn't gone through, too many memories.  So armed with boxes and bag went through it was a sad and sometimes a tearful process but had to be done. Sorting through all my craft and sewing items took week as didn't just want to shove it in a box and not be able to find anything.  So I purchased  plastic containers and placed everything in those, was amazed how much could fit it them. Then I purchased shelving, I brought  boxes of  galvanised shelving each contained  2 shelves at a cost of $25 each box, I didn't like the silver so spayed 2 of them white for my cloths and left the other for my sewing corner, I will say they were a pain in the arse to put together fiddly little screws but they were worth the effort.

Next purchased 2 Clothing racks they were $35 as wanted to be able to see my clothes for ease of putting outfits together, they were a double rod configuration so they were great to hang scarfs belts bags ect, they had a wire rack on the bottom so brought white round tubs and in these put sandals, flats belts and tote bags great for storage and kept the white theme and they were only $5 each.

This is the view as you walk in the room, hard to think its the same space.

I then decided how I wanted the layout to look, I already had a large bookshelf in the room and I knew I wanted to display some of my shoes so that was a no brainer. I also wanted a dressing table to be able to sit and do my hair and makeup, as we have 1 family bathroom and I always in hurry so this was a must. Then the next step moving my clothes from one room to the dressing room, this took 2 weeks as could only do it when not at work sorting organising I ended up leaving my summer clothes in my walk-in robe.  The dressing table and all of the accessories I already had so was not an expensive exercise.

So then I started putting furniture in place and adding accessories, I brought a couple of tins of metallic gold spray paint which was a great way to incorporate the glitz and glamour I was looking for.  I already had the curtains and this was my point of inspiration for the room so I added the gold and black touches, I still have a bit of tweeking to do but wanted to share the room with you.

I just love it and use it everyday, after my shower I go in and sit at my dressing table and tone and moisturise my face and depending what I am doing for the day I will just wear sunscreen and a cap or if going to town a little BB cream lippy and mascara and dry my hair, I feel quite regal sitting in front of the mirror with my white robe on going through the motions of the beauty routine, I didn't think I would love it as much as I do it my little space of peace and tranquillity. Will post some more photos at a later date when I have added all the little added extras I want to do.  So I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration.
This is my dressing table  it has everything  I need face creams
top draw, makeup 2nd draw and hair styling and equipment 3rd.
Other draws jewellery and misc 

All my capes jumpers bags jeans pants and winter tops all contained and visible
Great use of a bookshelf

I painted my mums little table I think she would have loved it

My dressing table love it

Love being able to display outfit options

So nice to able to display your loved items

My perfume station my absolute favourite is Narciso Rodriquez have worn it
for years along with Daisy and Agent Provocateur.

Got this idea from pinterest a place for your sunglasses
and nail polish  the basket underneath contains all my clutches
and purses

White tubs are a great storage idea

everything right at your finger tips
found these great little screw together containers for all my earrings
I colour coded them all for easy use

Here is my sewing corner everything stored on the shelving
I purchased and put in containers for easy access

Great way to organise shoes especially sandals and flats

So I hope you have enjoyed this blog it has taken longer than I thought as wanted it to be just right to present to you, I would love your feed back and thoughts and if you also would consider doing the same, its a no brainer from me I couldn't live without it now.

Maz xxx

Sunday 5 June 2016

The "Treasures and Gems" hidden in my wardrobe

Last month I spent a day going through my wardrobe finding some "Treasures and Gems" that had been hidden away for years.  I'm a hoarder when it comes to my clothes, I never  cull anything,  I love love love it all, even my op shop finds just can't part with them. I have them spread throughout the house in different wardrobes though.

So........ last month I spent a day playing "Dress Ups" I did my hair and makeup,(as your clothes always look better when they are done), and started fossicking.   I used my Pinterest  boards for inspiration to pull some looks together, OMG their were things I'd forgotten I even had, that had been hidden away for years.  I am going to do this exercise again as was so much fun, but would be even better if you had a group girl friends around, and made a party of it. take a bag of your clothes  then take it in turns maybe swap some, and take it in turns to go to each others houses, and help each other find their "Treasures and Gems" they might have hidden away.  So here are some photos of my day "playing dress ups" 
Dress Right was Ezibuy purchased for wedding 4 years ago
dress on left was op-shop find $5 couldn't pass it up just love the
high waist and colour blocking gives your body a great shape. Also
Nancy Ganz helps. The vintage Glomesh Clutch op-shop $1 have
used it so many time.
Poncho on left goes with everything necklace 50th present from
friend. Cape cant tell you how many times have worn it actually got it on now
Teamed with the Fax Fur clutch and Hat  just love this look.
Here are some close-ups of the Leather Jacket outfit, I just love
this necklace with this look just makes it look "sexy" I think.

This brought through Eziby it is a Peplum with a Bow on the belt
was going to wear to races but they were rained out. Shoes
Target 15 years ago.
This is how I would have worn the outfit, it a bit like I'm  trying to
channelling "Pretty Woman" also I love hats, just had to have this one.

Love this cape neutral colours compliments any outfit
This Fax Fur clutch brought from friends boutique 15 years ago 
This Athena Crawford dress Op-Shop find $5
Brought this 10 years ago haven't worn it.
Another way to wear the Pink Blazer, sorry
Precious wanted to get into the action.
Back in Black, another outfit wearing leather jacket.
this necklace was a gift from friend 15 years ago.

Brought this Leather Jacket 2 years ago and have never worn it,
forgot I had it this has been my favourite" Treasurer" I found Fossicking.

Brought this Pink Blazer haven't seen it in 18 years
I think we will become friends again.

So there you have it my day "Treasure Hunting", now are you going to unearth some hidden gems in your wardrobe.

Have fun Mining Maz xxx


Sunday 17 January 2016


Here is my recipe for Profiteroles, I doubled the original recipe as I like to make mine big, if you like smaller ones then just halve it,  makes approx. 30 to 35 large ones.

Preheat oven 200c/ 400f/ Gas Mark 6.
The finished Product Yumm
Choux Pastry
250g Butter
400mls water
1 1/2 cups plain flour sifted
6 eggs

Cream Filling
300mls Thickened Cream
2 Tablespoons Icing Sugar
( you can have as much or as
less as you like with the sugar
personal taste, you can leave it
out all together if you like).

Chocolate Topping
250g Dark Chocolate Buds

To make pastry, place the water and butter in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Meanwhile beat your 6 eggs together in a jug. Once butter and water have come to boil remove from heat and beat the flour with wooden spoon until  smooth.  Set aside to cool approx. 20 minutes

Mix in half of the beaten eggs into the mixture with a wooden spoon,  once you have incorporated them in add the remaining eggs mix this until has a soft dropping consistency.

This is the constancy you want after you
have mixed in all the eggs.

Place baking paper on your trays and place spoon fools of mixture leave a bit of room between as they rise and puff up.  I used tablespoon full if you wish to make small once just decrease the size of your spoon, you may wish to put mixture into piping bag but I never have time for that.
Place in oven for approximately 25 mins or until brown and not soft they should be hard to touch, then turn oven off, put a split in them to release the steam and let sit in oven cool down and dry out, never take them straight out or the will fop.
Once they are cooled fill them with the cream and top with chocolate.

Cream Filling
Beat together the cream and the icing sugar until thick and spoon into cooled puffs.
Chocolate Topping
Melt chocolate bits in the microwave, I do this by placing in microwave  safe bowl and give short bursts of about 25 seconds then take out and give a quick stir, usually around 2 mins and its melted beautifully but keep and eye on it. Then dip or spoon the toping over the filled puffs or you can use a pastry brush.

Place tablespoons full on your trays
This is how they look after you take them out of the oven

The Finished Product

I hope you get the chance to make some and they become a family favourite like our.
Blessings Maz..........