Wednesday 22 May 2019

Table Restoration

Well this old girl had been sitting quietly for over 50 years just hoping and waiting for someone to come and save her, and that someone was me.

When a neighbour of ours was having a clean out of his old woolshed and put the word out he was selling some tables my ears pricked up. I’ve been after a table to replace our rickety old kitchen table for years, but I wanted a large ( 8-10 seater) old, rustic, type. Well this old girl ticked all the boxes, 

Had to sand years or grit and grime off the old girl

I mixed equal parts of linseed oil and mineral turps and applied 3 coats letting each one dry between coats

After the linseed I rubbed beeswax into the table as well to nourish the dry wood. 

So happy with all my hard work, and now this beautiful table will be part now of “our” family for generations to come.
Maz xx 

Friday 29 March 2019

Irish Soda Bread

image sourced through Pinterest

Seafood Chowder

I hope you get the chance to make this delicious chowder, it will definitely will be going into my treasured family favourite recipes. 

Also I have posted a recipe for Irish Soda Bread which is the perfect accompaniment for this chowder.