Wednesday 10 June 2020

Easy Ginger Beer Date Scones

This is one recipe you’ll want to try, it’s another favourite that I learnt from my time in the CWA at Rowena, can’t remember who it was from, but thanks because it’s bloody delicious 


4 cups S/R flour sifted 2 times
300 mls cream
300 mls ginger beer 
250g pitted dates chopped finely.
Milk for glazing 


1. Preheat oven to 200c
2. Place flour cream dates ginger beer in large mixing bowl 
    and mix roughly with your hands and then turn out onto a 
    floured surface it will be sticky so add another handful of 
    flour to dry the mixture of needed.
3. Kneed gently a couple of times and press into a 3 cm high 
    slab and use a round cutter or glass to cut discs.
4.  Place on flour or lined  tray glaze with a little milk and 
     cook oven for 15-20mins turning on e halfway through.
Best served with lashing of thick butter (my fav) or jam and cream.

This recipe is absolutely a game changer so quick and easy and delicious and will have your guests asking you for the recipe..

Maz xx

Easy Scones

This would have to be the easiest scone recipe have ever made, with fantastic results every time. This lemonade scones recipe by Muriel Halstead, is know far and wide around the ranks of the CWA (Country Women’s Association) and now since a video has been released, and went viral she is know around the world for her famous scones.  So I won’t keep you hanging here’s the recipe.

5 cups S/R Flour
300mls cold cream
300mls lemonade
Milk to glaze.
1. Before you start pre hear oven to 200 c
2. Measure out 5 cups of S/R flour and sift them 3 times
3. Add a pinch of salt to your flour 
4. Make a well in the centre of the flour and pour 300mls of cold cream in and mix with a flat edge knife.
5. Then add 300 mls of lemonade 
6. Keep folding it together until the flour combined.
7. Put on a floured board and knead once or twice and then gently flatten until it’s about 3cm thick.
8 cut into desired shapes you can use a round cutter or a knife and scut isn’t squares the choice is yours.
8. Pop them on a floured or lined tray brush tops with a little milk and top in oven for 15-20 mins turning once halfway through.
9. Serve with your fav toppings, but the traditional and the best is strawberry jam and freshly whipped cream.

I hope you enjoyed this easy scone recipe, and once you’ve made them they will make a regular appearance on your table. Because it doesn’t get any mor easier and delicious than this.

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Wire Headband Tutorial Easy

I’m absolutely tickled pink with my gorgeous leopard wire headband, it was so easy to make and is a bit of a game changer for me. I have never been able to wear headbands or scarfs they all just slide straight off my head, but this wire headband has made all that a thing of the past.

This is an easy peasy  step by step tutorial that will have you churning out headbands for yourself and family and friends, also if you want to make these for children just measure their heads and reduce the length of your fabric according.

Ok let’s get started!!

You will need

84cm x 16cm of your chosen fabric
87cm of soft playable wire.
Tape to wrap around the end of the wire
Sewing machine
Pins of you need them.

Cut a piece of fabric 84cm 16cm
Fold in half and press right sides together

Cut a little triangle off both ends

So you have a piece that looks like this.

Sew from the top of each point  on  both sides,
 and meet leaving a gap at the bottom so you can turn
it inside out.

Then turn inside out and use your scissors
to push your points out nicely, but be careful you don’t
go through your fabric.

Twist your wire at both ends so you have a small little loop
Then cut some tape and wrap it around the
 exposed edges of your wire to add some protection 
Do this to both ends of the wire

Insert the wire into the casing
and place into the pointy
Outer bits of your headband which will
be the longest side of your fabric.

Once you have the wire positioned, sew starting from the
 bottom around the edge of the headband, pushing the wire
 As close to the edge as you go, be careful going around
The corners as if your needle hits the wire you could break it.
then finish at the bottom and code your opening
Press with iron after you’ve finished,
and  ta da you will have a
stunning accessory you can customise
to your outfit .

Also if you want to make these for children just measure their head
And cut your fabric accordingly to their specific measurements.
I hope this tutorial has inspired you to get creative and make yourself or family and friends
a beautiful unique headband that you have made.
Also is you want to see me on a live tutorial making this headband go to www.sequinsandsand Facebook page and on the 27/5/2020 and you’ll be able to view
me there making these gorgeous fashion accessories.


Thursday 7 May 2020

Chicken and Potato Slice

 This is my famous Chicken and Potato slice, one of my families favourite.  It’s such a crowd pleaser also you can double the quantities if you are feeding a large number.
Also it doesn’t get any easier with basic ingredients everyone would have  and the use of a BBQ chicken even less time cooking if your busy.


1 BBQ chicken
750g potatoes sliced
15g butter
6 green shallots or 1/2 red onion diced
30g butter extra
1 clove crushed garlic
2 tablespoons plain flour
1/3 cup water
1 chicken stock cube
1/2 cup dry white wine
1/2 cup cream
2 teaspoons wholegrain mustard
1 tablespoons mayonnaise
1/2 cup grated tasty cheese
Remove chicken meat from bones, and break into bite size pieces.  Place potatoes into baking dish dot with the 15g of butter cover and cook on high in microwave  for 9 minutes or until tender. Top with the chicken meat and shallots or the onion.  Melt extra butter with the garlic in a bowl for 30sec on high, stir in the flour, water,stock cube, wine, and cream, cook on high for 3 mins stir in the mustard and mayonnaise and pour over the chicken sprinkle with the grated cheese and cook in mod oven for apporx 30 mins or until golden brown on the top. Sprinkle with a little parsley to garnish.
Serve with a fresh garden salad and curtsy bread, and you will have a real crowd pleaser of a dish.  I haven't had anyone that hasn't loved this dish and wanted the recipe. 

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Community Connections

I love that I get to work
along side my best friend
Hi everyone, just a quick warning this is quite a lengthy post.  I started off covering the topic of "Community" and what that means to me. Hmm, then I went down a rabbit hole, and started to writing about my little community and what makes it so special, then one thing rolled into another and I ended up with an epically long post. I had to include all the activities and groups we have within our community, and what make it so great to live here, but I had to stop or I'd never have got it finished.  There was so much more I wanted to cover and share with you, but that will have to be another post.  So sit back make yourself a cuppa or a stiff drink (you might need it to get through this) and have a read about my about my special little part of the world.

This has been home for 11 years Hubby manages a large scale
cropping, cotton, and grazing property in Far West NSW

Living on a property in an isolated region of Australia is absolutely  awesome (well I think so) but what makes it so special and unique  is the community and  the people that live within it.  The one thing you have to realise is, that living in a small isolated community you see the same people all the time.  You go to the shops, you see the same people, you go to a function, you see the same people, you go to the pub, you see the same people, I could go on, school, meetings, birthdays, committees. But  what you have to realise is that you have to get along, regardless of your differences  (you have to leave them at the front gate) you have to respect everyone's opinions, because it makes life bloody difficult if you don't.

Isolation is the norm for me, the closest town for me is the little village of Carinda, Walgett is 85km away and our regional hub is Dubbo 3 hours away. I know most of my neighbours within a 200klm radius maybe further going East, and I never take for grated that  I could call on many if I needed help. But unfortunately this doesn't happen in the city's, some people can live next to their neighbours for years and not know them or speak to them. If one good thing that does come out of Covid-19 is the importance of "Community" and the role it plays in our lives and neighbourhoods.

This is the village of Carinda
 Population 30 on a good day
 If this Virus has shown you snippets of things you've  loved experiencing or witnessing, people helping and looking out for each other (especially the elderly) neighbour helping neighbour then don't let these things disappear once we resume our normal lives. Don't loose this opportunity that has presented itself, start  now to cultivate and nourish your "Community Connections" you don't have to live in the bush to have an awesome community.

Craft mornings are great and a fun way of bring a community
together, this was a Rope Bag course we organised.

Why not take the initiative and find some
likeminded friends or neighbours who live in your community and think of things that would like to see implemented once this crazy time is over. Maybe just start with a meet a greet once the virus is over and people are allowed to leave their home and congregate in groups. Hold it  in your community hall (I'm sure everyone would be keen for chat after months of isolation ). Maybe put a flyer a mailbox drop explain what you are wanting for your community and see if others have a similar interest ask for feed back gauge your communities interest. I know with the restrictions at the moment you wont be able to implement any of these things, but you can start to lay down the foundations of the community you
 would love to build.

Upholstery Courses are a fantastic
 community activity
we hold them twice a year
 Craft mornings are a great way to include and meet people in your community. You can always find someone qualified to will run a multitude of  courses in many fields. We do upholstery, millinery, and art just to name a few. Its a fantastic way to have some time off the farm and be creative at the same time. Maybe start off small with a learn to crochet morning, you might even have an elderly lady within your community who would love to share this skill (winter month are coming perfect project). Just  organise your teacher put a flyer around your neighbourhood, explain what you are doing how much each it costs what bring, we always ask everyone to bring something to share for morning tea or lunch. Just start off small, and remember " Rome wasn't built in a day" it takes time to cultivate and grow great  communities.

Our Hall is the
Hub of our Community
                   Things I do That Help Me

I suppose I'm pretty luckily, I never get board and I love my own company, and somedays there never seems enough hours in the day for me to tick off all the things I want to achieve, but I do love my community, and try to give, and do as much as I can for it. 

My kitchen doubles as the office for
our local paper

I'm on numerous committee's which keeps me busy, from Sewing Groups, Hall Committees, Local Newspaper, and our Music Festival "Lets Dance Carinda"  Also a friend and I produce a quarterly local newspaper, which circulates in our local area which keeps everyone  up-to-date with local news and happenings, and is such an important publications to have in a remote area.

Sewing Group

I'm involved in a wonderful sewing group, there are 10 ladies who meet once a month  in our local hall, we sew, or do some form of activity, eat, have little drink or two, chat and catchup with each other.  Its so good for your mental health, sanity and fills up our tanks being around positive likeminded women. On these days we also hatch ideas for fundraising, like the" Beach to Bush' Calendar we did with the help from Anita from Sequins and Sands which raised over $10,000 for drought related charity's, also "Pamper Days" for the women and the men in our district. Then there's the numerous catering jobs we do for functions and Car Rally's that descend on our little community.

The Sewing Girls Beach to Bush Calendar

We also have the "Hat Mobile"
Millinery Workshops

Wine and Watercolours taught by
local artist Jill Kelly

This was my last creation at
the Millinery workshop

One of our many Community

Another Art Class conducted by the
"Strutt Sister"
Where very inclusive young or old the more the

Kirsty our local beautician at
our Ladies Pamper day


My Personal Interest

I've always been a creative soul, and dabble in a lot of different things, thanks to my late mum "Peggy" who was the most amazing talented artisan (as many are from Broken Hill) she nurtured and encouraged all of her four daughters to exercise their creative side, whether that be "China Painting" (can still remember the smell of mixing the powdered paints), leather work, knitting crocheting and instilled in us the joy of creativity.  I love to spend time in the  garden,  and enjoy writing (even though I'm not very good at it) but these things keep me sane, content and happy. I also  love my Instagram page and the tribe that has grown from this space,  and how it also allows me to express other sides of my creativity and passions. I’m also a passionate ambassador for for the last three years. Its the brainchild of Anita from Sequins & Sand . and love to help women feel confident in wearing swimwear and living their best summers with family and friends.  But my family will always come first, and triumphs over any of my creative pursuits, and I so blessed that all my  grandchildren, live close to home.

Things you can do if your struggling

Be warned its addictive, but its a wealth of inspiration and easy DIY tutorials. There are so many great ideas to get your creative juices flowing from craft to organising your photos, too many things to list but take this advice from a seasoned Pinner start off with something easy don't bite off a huge project.
I love audio books and have the Audible  app and find I  listen  to them when I'm at home sewing or in the car, its  a great way to nourish your mind and soul, and because of the vast distances I travel out here I can finish a book in a couple of day.  I'm not a fiction reader, I love books that grow and expand my mind and my latest book is Gabrielle Bernstein "Super Attractor", absolutely loving it.
Why not finally put together that family cookbook, there are so many platforms that make the process so easy  is fantastic and have an arsenal of family favourites that will go into mine.
With the prices of vegetable at the moment why not start your own veggie garden, again great inexpensive ideas can be found on Pinterest, and you don’t need a lot space to have a productive garden. Why not organise with your friends or better still neighbours to plant different varieties and share them between your families and neighbours (which is what I'm doing this year).  Someone plant Broccoli, onions, spinach  etc, and then someone else plant carrots and cabbages an so on, and before you know it you'll have an abundance of veggies to feed all your families and save a few dollars in the process. It’s gestures and activities like this that remind me so much of my childhood, I have fond memories of going to our neighbours houses for some ingredient that mum didn’t have.  

I hope some you've enjoyed this post about my little community that’s very dear to my heart, and how we live and get along out here in the bush. I also hope it has given you some ideas and suggestions on how you could create a similar environment where you live, and some tips if your struggling with your isolation.
Also many of you would know that this old “Bush Chook” is a bit technically challenged and I tried and tried to move the photos around so they were perfectly positioned through the post, but after spending 3 hours and nearly deleting the whole post I gave up and said my fav words or wisdom from the movies “Babe” “that’ll Do Pig”.

Maz xx

We may only be small but we can do great things