Sunday 5 June 2016

The "Treasures and Gems" hidden in my wardrobe

Last month I spent a day going through my wardrobe finding some "Treasures and Gems" that had been hidden away for years.  I'm a hoarder when it comes to my clothes, I never  cull anything,  I love love love it all, even my op shop finds just can't part with them. I have them spread throughout the house in different wardrobes though.

So........ last month I spent a day playing "Dress Ups" I did my hair and makeup,(as your clothes always look better when they are done), and started fossicking.   I used my Pinterest  boards for inspiration to pull some looks together, OMG their were things I'd forgotten I even had, that had been hidden away for years.  I am going to do this exercise again as was so much fun, but would be even better if you had a group girl friends around, and made a party of it. take a bag of your clothes  then take it in turns maybe swap some, and take it in turns to go to each others houses, and help each other find their "Treasures and Gems" they might have hidden away.  So here are some photos of my day "playing dress ups" 
Dress Right was Ezibuy purchased for wedding 4 years ago
dress on left was op-shop find $5 couldn't pass it up just love the
high waist and colour blocking gives your body a great shape. Also
Nancy Ganz helps. The vintage Glomesh Clutch op-shop $1 have
used it so many time.
Poncho on left goes with everything necklace 50th present from
friend. Cape cant tell you how many times have worn it actually got it on now
Teamed with the Fax Fur clutch and Hat  just love this look.
Here are some close-ups of the Leather Jacket outfit, I just love
this necklace with this look just makes it look "sexy" I think.

This brought through Eziby it is a Peplum with a Bow on the belt
was going to wear to races but they were rained out. Shoes
Target 15 years ago.
This is how I would have worn the outfit, it a bit like I'm  trying to
channelling "Pretty Woman" also I love hats, just had to have this one.

Love this cape neutral colours compliments any outfit
This Fax Fur clutch brought from friends boutique 15 years ago 
This Athena Crawford dress Op-Shop find $5
Brought this 10 years ago haven't worn it.
Another way to wear the Pink Blazer, sorry
Precious wanted to get into the action.
Back in Black, another outfit wearing leather jacket.
this necklace was a gift from friend 15 years ago.

Brought this Leather Jacket 2 years ago and have never worn it,
forgot I had it this has been my favourite" Treasurer" I found Fossicking.

Brought this Pink Blazer haven't seen it in 18 years
I think we will become friends again.

So there you have it my day "Treasure Hunting", now are you going to unearth some hidden gems in your wardrobe.

Have fun Mining Maz xxx



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