Wednesday 3 August 2016

DIY Dressing Room on a Budget

Will here is the long awaited post of my new Dressing Room.

 I was so overwhelmed and stressed every time
 I put my clothes away, hubby and I shared a small walk-in robe and it was always a bloody mess there's no other way to describe it.  Also as mention in other posts I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my clothes, I cant part with anything I love them all, so when I was researching on how I was going to fix my wardrobe dilemma everything I read said cull, cull, cull, I tried with no success I filled one garbage bag.

So then one day walked into my 4th bedroom which was my sewing/craft room and could hardly move through it, if someone couldn't find a place for something it went in the sewing room. So I took one look and thought I don't need all this room I could configure it and  move sewing/craft component around the corner and its an L shaped room and I could turn the rest into my own personal "Dressing Room". Below is the before shot, this is after I had cleaned it a little.

This was my sewing room, I had actually cleaned it a bit before
this was taken, you couldn't even walk through it.

I have put a sign on the door to ward off unwanted visitors,
I have three daughters  and quite a lot of my things go missing.
So first things first, I had to sort a lot of things out I had stored for years in the cupboards, I still had many of my late mothers items which I hadn't gone through, too many memories.  So armed with boxes and bag went through it was a sad and sometimes a tearful process but had to be done. Sorting through all my craft and sewing items took week as didn't just want to shove it in a box and not be able to find anything.  So I purchased  plastic containers and placed everything in those, was amazed how much could fit it them. Then I purchased shelving, I brought  boxes of  galvanised shelving each contained  2 shelves at a cost of $25 each box, I didn't like the silver so spayed 2 of them white for my cloths and left the other for my sewing corner, I will say they were a pain in the arse to put together fiddly little screws but they were worth the effort.

Next purchased 2 Clothing racks they were $35 as wanted to be able to see my clothes for ease of putting outfits together, they were a double rod configuration so they were great to hang scarfs belts bags ect, they had a wire rack on the bottom so brought white round tubs and in these put sandals, flats belts and tote bags great for storage and kept the white theme and they were only $5 each.

This is the view as you walk in the room, hard to think its the same space.

I then decided how I wanted the layout to look, I already had a large bookshelf in the room and I knew I wanted to display some of my shoes so that was a no brainer. I also wanted a dressing table to be able to sit and do my hair and makeup, as we have 1 family bathroom and I always in hurry so this was a must. Then the next step moving my clothes from one room to the dressing room, this took 2 weeks as could only do it when not at work sorting organising I ended up leaving my summer clothes in my walk-in robe.  The dressing table and all of the accessories I already had so was not an expensive exercise.

So then I started putting furniture in place and adding accessories, I brought a couple of tins of metallic gold spray paint which was a great way to incorporate the glitz and glamour I was looking for.  I already had the curtains and this was my point of inspiration for the room so I added the gold and black touches, I still have a bit of tweeking to do but wanted to share the room with you.

I just love it and use it everyday, after my shower I go in and sit at my dressing table and tone and moisturise my face and depending what I am doing for the day I will just wear sunscreen and a cap or if going to town a little BB cream lippy and mascara and dry my hair, I feel quite regal sitting in front of the mirror with my white robe on going through the motions of the beauty routine, I didn't think I would love it as much as I do it my little space of peace and tranquillity. Will post some more photos at a later date when I have added all the little added extras I want to do.  So I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration.
This is my dressing table  it has everything  I need face creams
top draw, makeup 2nd draw and hair styling and equipment 3rd.
Other draws jewellery and misc 

All my capes jumpers bags jeans pants and winter tops all contained and visible
Great use of a bookshelf

I painted my mums little table I think she would have loved it

My dressing table love it

Love being able to display outfit options

So nice to able to display your loved items

My perfume station my absolute favourite is Narciso Rodriquez have worn it
for years along with Daisy and Agent Provocateur.

Got this idea from pinterest a place for your sunglasses
and nail polish  the basket underneath contains all my clutches
and purses

White tubs are a great storage idea

everything right at your finger tips
found these great little screw together containers for all my earrings
I colour coded them all for easy use

Here is my sewing corner everything stored on the shelving
I purchased and put in containers for easy access

Great way to organise shoes especially sandals and flats

So I hope you have enjoyed this blog it has taken longer than I thought as wanted it to be just right to present to you, I would love your feed back and thoughts and if you also would consider doing the same, its a no brainer from me I couldn't live without it now.

Maz xxx

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  1. Oh my! Love what you've done - you are vey creative!