Tuesday 26 May 2020

Wire Headband Tutorial Easy

I’m absolutely tickled pink with my gorgeous leopard wire headband, it was so easy to make and is a bit of a game changer for me. I have never been able to wear headbands or scarfs they all just slide straight off my head, but this wire headband has made all that a thing of the past.

This is an easy peasy  step by step tutorial that will have you churning out headbands for yourself and family and friends, also if you want to make these for children just measure their heads and reduce the length of your fabric according.

Ok let’s get started!!

You will need

84cm x 16cm of your chosen fabric
87cm of soft playable wire.
Tape to wrap around the end of the wire
Sewing machine
Pins of you need them.

Cut a piece of fabric 84cm 16cm
Fold in half and press right sides together

Cut a little triangle off both ends

So you have a piece that looks like this.

Sew from the top of each point  on  both sides,
 and meet leaving a gap at the bottom so you can turn
it inside out.

Then turn inside out and use your scissors
to push your points out nicely, but be careful you don’t
go through your fabric.

Twist your wire at both ends so you have a small little loop
Then cut some tape and wrap it around the
 exposed edges of your wire to add some protection 
Do this to both ends of the wire

Insert the wire into the casing
and place into the pointy
Outer bits of your headband which will
be the longest side of your fabric.

Once you have the wire positioned, sew starting from the
 bottom around the edge of the headband, pushing the wire
 As close to the edge as you go, be careful going around
The corners as if your needle hits the wire you could break it.
then finish at the bottom and code your opening
Press with iron after you’ve finished,
and  ta da you will have a
stunning accessory you can customise
to your outfit .

Also if you want to make these for children just measure their head
And cut your fabric accordingly to their specific measurements.
I hope this tutorial has inspired you to get creative and make yourself or family and friends
a beautiful unique headband that you have made.
Also is you want to see me on a live tutorial making this headband go to www.sequinsandsand Facebook page and on the 27/5/2020 and you’ll be able to view
me there making these gorgeous fashion accessories.


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