Wednesday 5 August 2015

Welcome to Maz Lifestyle

Hi I’m Maz, and I am so excited that you have taken the time to read my blog.
I am new to the blogging world, (I only learnt how to copy and paste the other day). I’m 52, a mum of 3 girls and a boy aged between 18 to 26 and have been happily married for 30 years and always on a diet, I live on a farm in outback Australia and have always loved fashion, interior styling and DIY.
Many years ago our family had a sea change to the Gold Coast. Coming from the country and always being busy I felt completely lost, and my husband suggested "just do what you love ", so I opened up my own interior design business “Maz Interiors” at the Gold Coast, what a ride! I took the lease on a showroom with a workshop at the back.  It was one of the happiest times of my life, people that were clients became friends, I would jump out of bed to go to work because of projects or things that were happening within the business. We also added shopping tours and workshops for sourcing and restoring furniture. Though after 6 years we realised that the fast pace of the Gold Coast was not for us, so I sold the business and we returned to the country.
“Ok so the purpose behind this blog” I’m at a crossroads since turning 50 the kids are growing up, living on a farm in an isolated community I am generally dressed in work cloths jeans T boots work shirt, (not very glamorous), being on call at a moments notice to help the hubby on the farm, you never know what you are doing from one day to the next, also the restrictions of where I live 5 kms to the nearest town with a population of 30 on a good day, with a pub and service station, with maybe 1  or 2 caravans passing through a day, and three hours to the nearest regional town make it impractical to open up another business,  but in saying all this I absolutely love where I live and wouldn’t live anywhere else.
So I though why not write a blog? I have got plenty of experience 40 years of getting it wrong and right, working  from home doing something I love, fashion, talking and taking photos, (my family would vouch for that). I’m a curvy woman and try to dress for my shape, and would say my style is classic with a dash of current trends, and I love layering, but don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb. Included in my posts I will be giving you an insight into all the wonderful fashionable, creative people  and business that are in my region of the outback (as only a local can). There will be posts on interior styling, cooking, living in a remote community, health and beauty, and DIY.  I would just like to mention whilst researching for this Blog I found a vast number of wonderful talented women, wearing and writing about fashion and lifestyle that look amazing.
Also a big thank you to my children for all your support and “keeping it real”…sometimes too real, and telling me honestly what you think. To my wonderful husband Peter, thank you for supporting me in this new chapter of my life, believing in me and never saying that my dreams are too big (and just go for it). And finally to my dearest mum Peggy, for making me the person I am today.
So please sit back and enjoy my posts I hope I can give you some inspiration and wonderful stories on this personal journey. I also hope overtime that my words flow a little easier, and the self doubt diminishes and that I am not second guessing every sentence.



  1. Fabulous read....look forward to hearing more as your blog grows....hope we get to see some of your gorgeous handmade creations. All the best with and thoughts Ann xxxx

  2. I love your lifestyle because anybody follow your lifestyle he or she can changed life is more beautiful.Thanks for give us nice blog structure.

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