Tuesday 13 June 2017

Pumpkin Soup


This is my Pumkin Soup recipe, normally you would use potatoe but I use sweet potato instead,  because it's a healthier and a better carb and fibre option. 


1 whole small pumpkin (I love using the "Jap " variety)
2 large sweet potatoes 
2 large brown onions
3 -4 tablespoons chicken stock powder 
Salt pepper 
1/2 cup cream 

Chop everything like picture above them place in a slow cooker or large pot, ( I find the slow cooker gives the best result as you just put everything in a "set and forget).


Fill a jug with 2 cups of water and mix stock powder salt pepper then pour over the ingredients, then top up with water to only half way up, ( as the pumpkin and sweet potato will release a lot of liquid). You can add some spices if you wanted to like, ginger, a little chilli, or as a follower suggested she uses a Moroccan spice mix, it's entirely up to you, I keep it plain as my family are a bit fussy. 


I cook it on medium heat for  around 6-7 hours, if cooking on the stove just  low slow simmer. When completely soft and cooked through just blitz with a hand blender, you can add  1/2  cup of cream at this stage just and blend it through. Do a taste test at this point you might want to add some more seasoning.

To serve add a dollop of cream, Greek yogurt, or sour cream whatever your favourite is,  then I always add a sprinkling of chopped chives, gives a nice crunch and freshness. Also its delicious served with a couple of slices of toasted sour dough bread lathered with butter. Ta da there you have it my take on Pumpkin Soup, with winter upon us in Australia it's the perfect easy filling meal for a winters night,  and it mandatory that you must be sitting in a lounge chair with your PJs on watching telly with the fire roaring 😂😂👍

Hope you try this recipe, and would love you comments and feed back 

Maz xx


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